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We support Mayors for Peace –Hiroshima Japan 2013

The 8th General Conference of Mayors for Peace 2013

At Hiroshima Japan 1st- 5th August 2013.


On invitation by His Lordship the Hon Mayor of Dehiwela Mount Lavinia of Sri Lanka Dhanasiri Amarathunga our company Chairman Mr. A. Buddhika de Silva joined the delegates of 21 Mayors from Sri Lanka for the above function.

Mr. Buddhika de Silva was appointed as the foreign advisor - consultant to the Hon Mayor Dhanasiri Amarathunga.



They were welcomed by the Sri Lankan embassy staff on the 1st august 2013 and then traveled to Hiroshima on the same day by air.

At the Hiroshima Airport  the Sri Lankan delegates were greeted and welcomed by the Hiroshima Mayor representatives and were then accompanied to the hotel.

The conference began on the 2nd August 2013 and many speeches were given on global peace.

A survivor of the war explained about his experiences during the war.

Many countries spoke about their views on Nuke war and the common thought was to educate the younger generations of the after effects of war and sufferings the human race went through due to the war.

Countries like India who are new into building Nuke War heads also addressed their concerns in disarming Nuke heads and making peace to mankind.

Generally all leaders agreed on the fact that the world should be out of Nuke Heads used against mankind.

There was a banquet which was organized and all were invited.

There we were shown a cultural dance and once again messages of support were read out to the above topic.

During this time Mr. Buddhika de Silva collected much important news in reference to world peace.

He expressed his support to many leaders of this campaign. Namely,

  1. Hon. Matsui Kazumi

               Mayor City of Hiroshima

  1. Hon Tomihisa Taua

Mayor of Nagasaki City 

  1. Hon Yoshihide Yada

Mayor Chou City Government 

  1. Hon Mikami Gen

Mayor of Kasai City


The conference ended on the 5th August 2013 with a guest speech by Mr. Oliver Stone being a celebrity, he conveyed a very touchy speech where the entire gathering applauded.

The Mayors from Sri Lanka expressed their wish to hold a similar conference in Sri Lanka to support world peace and the organizers and the mayors of Hiroshima and Nagasaki expressed their willingness to support their cause.

It was a wonderful event which resulted strengthening ties between Sri Lanka and Japan for a stronger  future.


5th August 2013

Hiroshima . Japan

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We support Mayors for Peace 2013


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